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Crochet Zig-Zag Choker Pattern

Crochet Zig-Zag Choker Pattern


Super cool chokers (along with everything else from the 90’s) are back in style! None of my vintage 90’s chokers survived the 2000’s so rather than going out and buying all new ones, I decided to make one and make this free crochet pattern for you all

For this pattern you will need some crochet thread like Bernat Handicrafter or Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread. You’ll also need a 2mm to 2.55mm crochet hook. You can try thicker yarns and gauges with this pattern for bolder, chunky look.

  1. To begin Ch 80 then chain 3 more.
  2. work 1 single crochet into the first two chains from your hook, then work 3 single crochets into the 3rd chain from your hook.
  3. Ch 1 (does not count as your first stitch) and turn your work. Make one single crochet into the first stitch. Then make 3 single crochets into the next stitch
  4. Repeat step three 63 more times for a total of 64 zigs (or zags)
  5. Ch 80

To wear your choker, criss-cross the chains behind your neck and bring the ends around the front to tie in a bow. This fastening method means this pattern can fit many siz Also! If your work curls quite a bit when your finished (mine did) You can easy flatten it out with a hair straightener on low heat.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this pattern as much as I enjoyed making it and I’d love to see your projects on Ravelry