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I’m a small town girl from Arizona who got into knitting and crocheting because of my appreciation for the fiercely creative and independent qualities of the older generations.

When this “grandma’s girl” met a “grandma’s boy” over 8 years ago, I had no idea where this new love would take me but I knew I found someone just like me. We both come from a few sweet but strong little knitters, upholsterers, refurbishers, decorators, designers, sewers, crocheters… you name it! 

One of the last things my husband’s “Savta” did, after attending our wedding, was make a little knitted and crocheted newborn set for our future babies. It came complete with a bonnet, cardigan and booties in gender neutral white. 

The opportunity to leave little legacies to your family is not lost on me, so when my 90 year old grandma handed me the torch, in the form of the rest of her yarn collection, I went to work making it my own. 

My Etsy shop, The Snugglery, was born out of my desire to pay homage to the art of homemaking that so many generations before me valued so much and that I continue to value. Soon after, came My shop dedicated to DIY patterns, yarns, and knitting and crocheting tools.

If two growing Etsy shops didn’t keep me busy enough, on May 9th 2016 my husband and I sold almost everything, packed up, and fulfilled a shared dream by moving to Israel. We spent 8 wonderful years there and were blessed to finally fill Savta’s wedding gift in September 2018 with the arrival of baby Ariella. We have since returned to Arizona where it all began and are discovering what this new chapter has in store for us.

I welcome the challenge of moving my life and my Etsy shops around the world and decided to create The Snugglery Blog to share my love of small business and  yarn. Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and get to know a bit more about where The Snugglery came from and where it’s going. I hope you will visit often.