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Cozy Crochet Spa Socks: A Beginner-Friendly Tutorial

Cozy Crochet Spa Socks: A Beginner-Friendly Tutorial


Are you ready to pamper your dry feet this winter? I love to pop these crochet socks on after using my favorite lotion, before bed, so that I can wake up with baby soft feet all winter long. Whether you’re making them for yourself or as a thoughtful gift, these socks are sure to be a treat, for your feet. Plus, they’re worked in the round, so no seaming is required!

For visual learners, be sure to check out the video tutorial!

Materials Needed:

  • Less than 100g of super bulky polyester or microfiber yarn. I used the ever popular, Bernat Blanket
  • 9mm crochet hook


  • Medium, which will fit a woman’s 6-8.5 shoe size
  • Large to fit a woman’s 9-11.5 shoe size
  • You may also customize the length. Take your foot measurement and crochet in the round (before the ankle opening) until your piece measures 2″ less than your foot measurement.



  1. Start with a magic circle.
  2. Work 10scs (12scs) into your magic circle
  3. Slip stitch into the first sc to complete the round.

Body (Linen Stitch Spiral)

  1. Chain 1 (counts as first sc). Use a stitch marker to mark this chain. *Ch1 again and make 1sc in the next stitch.* repeat to the end of the round.
  2. When you reach your marked stitch, ch1, 1sc in the chain space next to the marked stitch. Then, move the marker up to the stitch you just made.
  3. For the next rounds, work 1sc in each chain space with ch1’s between them. Continue to move your marker up to the new “first” stitch of each round to keep track of your spiral.
  4. Continue the linen stitch spiral until the sock measures 7 inches for Medium, 9 inches for Large. About 11 or 13 rounds.

Ankle Opening:

  1. Start the next round with a chain of 9 for Medium, or 11 for Large.
  2. Counting the marked stitch, skip 5 scs (6 scs) from the row below then sc into the chain space next to the 5th sc (6th sc)
  3. Continue the remainder of the round in linen stitch.


  1. Work one more round of linen stitch. Then work one round of sc with out chaining between them.
  2. Then, work a round of sc decreases.


  1. Slip stitch where needed to close up the hole at the heel and weave in your ends.


  • Tension is key. A slight difference can change the size quite a bit.
  • Make three socks just in case, to see which two make the best pair.

These socks are a quick and satisfying project, pair with a fancy lotion for a spa-themed gift set. Enjoy making them, and stay cozy!

Thank you for following this tutorial. Happy crocheting, and see you next time!