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Why You Should Try Surface Crochet

Why You Should Try Surface Crochet



My latest obsession, and a total blast for any crocheter, is surface crochet! It’s so simple, it feels like cheating. Surface crochet is a way to crochet (slip stitch) on top of a piece that is already worked up. With this method, you can add stripes, ribbing, edging, additional colors and endless decorative interest to any plain crochet projects… even if they are already made!

It works exceptionally well in the round. I was able to add a decorative stripe to this crocheted bowl in a few seconds.


How To Surface Crochet

First you find where you are going to insert your hook. This is a sample of camel stitch but this would work with any crochet stitch. You want to work between “posts” as illustrated below.


To begin, insert your hook, make a slip knot and place it on your hook. Pull the slip knot through.


Insert your hook into the next space between posts, holding your working yarn in he back of your work, and pull up another loop. Pull that loop through the loop on your hook to make a slip/chain stitch. Continue inserting your hook between every post space in the round.


When you reach the slip knot where you began, insert your hook into that stitch again, cut the yarn and pull up the end. You can pull the end back through the center of the next stitch and secure it, hidden in the back.


It’s crazy how simple it is to add embellishments like these to hats, bowls and bags after the fact.

You can repeat the same process on flat pieces. On this flat sample, using a 19mm (Q) crochet hook you can see how it’s possible to add stripes of a new color to a finished piece. Doesn’t it look like knitting?


You can get creative with the edges of the work as long as you keep that working yarn in the back. I decided to try little U-turns and I think it looks quite unique.


If you’re in love with this idea and ready to take on a pattern, I wrote up a pattern for the blanket you see down below that takes full advantage of the surface crochet technique. The pattern is available for $5.50 at my premium pattern shop and on Etsy.


Obsessed with knit-look crochet now?

Check out my video about 5 crochet stitch that look like knitting! I go over surface crochet and 4 more that you’d definitely love!